've attached this picture of Søren Christian and Johanne Christine - the people in the middle of the picture.
However, that's all I have.

Of the 12 children surrounding them, Anna, Valdemar and Emil went to the States - and Efra (is that the correct spelling?) was my grandmother.

Emil had 4 children, Kjeld, Muriel, Norma and Viben Peter, Emil was killed in an automobile accident on Sep. 1, 1925 in Great Neck, Long Island.

These 4 children would be my dad's cousins. Norma and Viben Peter were still living when I found them. Unfortunately, Norma passed away in April of 2003 before I got a chance to meet her.

However, I have met Viben Peter and he's is still going strong and will turn 90 this coming August.